Common Scenarios

There are several common scenarios that victims may encounter. This page attempts to list as many of them as possible in order to keep the public abreast of prevalent scam trends, and to appeal for information that will help us in investigations.

1. Fake Profiles with Fake Photos

It is the most common form of scam. Photos of celebrity are posted on the online dating site. Scammers steal the pictures and posed them as their profile pictures. Usually they are beautiful or young female celebrities and the pictures are shown under a strangers name on a public dating site.

2. Air Ticket Scam

Scammers may say that she would love to visit your country and would like you to purchase tickets by sending money to them. And the scammer only gives you a post office address and a telephone number which she never answers and which does not have voicemail.

3. Health Problems

Scammers may say that she has some health problems and therefore fails to pay the hospital bills. Or she may say her family faces the same problems and so requires money for the medical treatment.

4. Orphanage Sponsorship

The scammer may say there is an orphanage which requires some help in order to continue the operation. Therefore extra funds may be required. So she may ask you to send a check to a friend of her.

5. Passport/Visa Fees

The scammer may say it is difficult to obtain a travel passport or visa in her home country so that extra fees or bribes are required. But she has no money so she may want you to wire money to her.

6. Family Troubles

The scammer may say that her family is in debts or other troubles (such as lawsuits) so she is stranded in her country and cannot meet you unless you help her family solve the problem.