What Chnlove Does

Quality service is the key to Chnlove's success. So we put a lot of effort into fighting against all dishonest behaviors which may be harmful to our reputation as well as the confidence of our clients. Our staff collaborate hands in hands with the local service providers and we make sure that we both have the ability and determination to protect the rights of every user on the site. To know more about our measures, you may read our full terms of anti-fraud policy.

Identity Documents Checks

The Profile Department of Chnlove.com continuously monitors the newly submitted profiles to guard against fraudulent activity. Before registering to be posted with a profile on Chnlove.com, the lady needs to demonstrate that the profile is true. Every lady who wishes to get the profile posted on the site must submit her application form and are notified by the local service provider to provide supplementary documents for processing that application, including photocopy of the identity card or passport. In general, the department starts this process by verification of the identity card.

Phone Interviews

The Profile Department will conduct phone interviews to the ladies regularly and randomly. Whenever there is a suspicious case on the truthfulness of the profile, the department will make a phone call with the lady for further confirmation. With these efforts the site helps you and other members avoid the costly and debilitating effects of the scam. We can say that it is even safer than any other online dating site where verification process is not necessary.

Correspondence Checks

By monitoring the correspondence carefully, Chnlove customers substantially reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of scam. Combined with experience and technology, the Quality Assurance Department is vigilant to different areas in the communications such as the frequency of the mail exchange, contents of the mails. Chnlove has established privacy policy to help prevent unauthorized access to or misuse of your information. Please rest assured that your privacy is well honored.

Monitor customer feedback

Our customer care professional has responsibility for all Chnlove's customer support functions, including direct communication with gentlemen, notes gentlemen's reports or feedback, and help increase customer support satisfaction. In addition, the team gathers opinions, coordinate with other departments and devise solutions to the problem. Our Customer Service Department will keep gentlemen informed about the situation.

Tracking industry's activities

China is still in the middle stage of modernization and is catching up fast. The basic fact that many industries in here are still in the face of pressure and challenges to meet a better requirements and regulations, including the matchmaking industry. The methods fraudsters use to obtain the information they want is constantly changing, so Chnlove.com provides regular updates on the type of scams it is aware of. In response to reduce the potential irregularities or serious breaches of the Terms of Service, staff members of this department is responsible for monitoring and tracking the agency's policy and staff activities via phone calls, mails or daily message exchange.

Organize seminars on combating malpractice

Teamed up with the supporting agencies, Chnlove.com organizes a series of seminars and workshops on a regular or ad hoc basis in mainland China and Asia. It is because the ultimate solution to eradicate the malpractice of the industry is better communication with the industry nationwide. We continue to do this because we don't want to ruin both chances for success and it is a mission possible. The only way to eradicate the cases of romance scam is to better educate the public about the bad consequences of scam cases.

To take a closer look at how Chnlove.com protects customers from fraud, please read our anti-fraud policy.